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A Successful Digital Transformation Strategy: Challenges & Solutions

A digital transformation strategy is a holistic approach to business processes rather than just digitizing the tasks. Therefore, you need to know technological opportunities and analyze your needs profoundly before starting the transformation.
A Successful Digital Transformation Strategy: Challenges & Solutions

Nowadays, companies can create their own apps easily using the low-code and no-code platforms. Therefore, building a digital system to move the workflows within is pretty approachable. They can start their digital transformation without waiting.

However, the typical difficulty is to act strategically on this journey. According to Deloitte, while 85% of CEOs accelerated digital initiatives during the pandemic, most can’t articulate their overall strategy and progress beyond that they made a tech investment.

The challenges in digital transformation strategy

Specific reasons prevent companies from benefiting from digital transformation strategy as much as it offers.

Here are some of the challenges in digital transformation:

The talent shortage in software development

Technology is one of the prominent industries suffering from talent shortage. 54% of organizations still see a skill shortage in tech, according to Statista’s report in 2022. There are various reasons behind the shortage, such as

  • Increasing global demand of developers with the trend of digital transformation,
  • Picky developers, as they are highly demanded,
  • The tendency of skillful developers to work remotely for big projects for better income.

In today’s conditions, it’s hard to convince a good developer to work with you as a full-timer. As they have great opportunities, they are pickier than ever. Therefore, companies need to please them financially and also offer advantages for self-growth to hire talents.

Lack of innovation incentive and culture within the company

Encouraging innovation is a smart move for any business. No matter how big your company is, adding the power of innovation to your existing charm will only help you grow more. Moreover, it will even feed your business to survive the heated competition in some cases.

On the other hand, traditional companies and industries are having difficulty adopting new-age movements in the business world. However, lack of innovation incentive and culture is, so to say, suicidal in our times.

Lack of up-to-date knowledge

Technology is developing every day. Companies creating a digital transformation strategy have to follow up the developments for more efficient investments.

It’s not a piece of cake. You need to build a team constantly working on it and cooperate with tech companies to inform you of the new technologies. Unfortunately, many companies fail in making efficient investments as they don’t pay enough attention to learn more about the industry. As a result, they lose money and time, and motivation.

How to overcome these challenges

The good news is these challenges are not desperate. There are practical and accessible solutions to overcome them.

Here are two potent options:

Build the right team

After creating your digital transformation strategy, you will have a solid road map to keep things together during the journey. The right team will make the business plan sustainable and resilient.

Your decision-makers and team should have a good command of technology and also the ways to squeeze the most out of it. Your team will handle the constantly changing technologies to boost your business only if they truly understand how to use the technology.

In fact, low-code platforms are quite generous in creating the technology. So, while picking the team, we recommend you find people who will polish the technology for your workflows.

Design thinking skills are coming forward at this point. As low-code platforms can tick the software development tasks off your list, you will need people who will use the software following your need and targets.

Partner with right third-parties

You do not need to hire oversized teams to transform your company digitally. As we have already mentioned, there are third-party platforms to support you overcome the challenges in digital transformation. You can expand your power by cooperating with other companies that develop technology for a win-win business partnership.

Partners with experience and knowledge on design-driven innovation can support you to build an innovation culture within your company. In addition, they can train your teams about use cases of technology and how to get the most out of it.

How can Kuika help you?

As Kuika, we are here to support your digital transformation in different ways.

First of all, our platform provides you with the tools to develop your software. In this way, your team with design thinking skills can build an app required for achieving transformation with a low-code app. The team members don’t need to master coding. Instead, as Kuika, we will help you create software seamlessly and practically for you if you know what you need.

However, if your talents are limited in your company, we can outsource your overall software development workflows. In this option, we position ourselves as the technology supplier of your business. We move as a limb of your team to act in harmony with your strategic targets. You can contact us using the forms fields on to learn more about how to cooperate to boost your digital transformation.

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