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Low-code for Businesses: The Top 4 Benefits

What makes low-code an up-and-coming contender in today’s tech landscape?
Low-code for Businesses: The Top 4 Benefits

Is it low-code’s unique ability to increase collaboration between business stakeholders and IT teams because this is so important in fueling innovation? Could it be a result of how quickly it makes the development process? Whatever the reason may be, there are many benefits associated with low-code development for businesses, and here are a few of them:

1 - Faster Time-to-Market

“In fact, Forrester calculated that low-code can make software development “as much as 10 times faster than traditional methods”.

Low-code development allows organizations to change their codebases faster. The level of technical skills required to create low-code solutions is significantly lower than in traditional development because these tools provide a graphical interface that developers can use without any coding experience.

Low-code development environments like Appian’s pre-built UI templates, drag-and-drop functionality, business process models and database designs (just to name a few) significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to build applications. This allows businesses to spend their valuable resources that are more important and impactful than the development process itself.

2 - Enhance Agility

In today’s market, businesses are forced to make split-second decisions regarding the products and services that they provide. A quick response time is greatly beneficial in keeping pace with rapid customer demand and potential market opportunities. Ahead of the competition, staying on top of your business with an agile approach to development can be advantageous in securing future customer growth.

3 - Accelerated Code Quality & WYSIWYG

Low-code platform’s visual modeling serves as a visual representation of what the application will appear when it is built. As today in any business multi-experience allows you to connect with your business via various touchpoints along the way, low-code lets you offer a consistent environment across one or many channels and devices where it makes sense to do so. Hopping from an in-cart shopping experience to a tablet format is easy because low-code platforms have pre-built components, automated governance, and quick-and-easy integrations that work behind the scenes out of sight but behind the scenes providing much of the core functionality needed in most cases, so your efforts can be more focused on unique aspects of solutions like processing payments or even adding the finishing touches after signups & authorization.

4 - Lower Costs

If your business is growing at a modest rate and you only need to create applications on an ‘as-needed’ basis, low-code development platforms can let you save money in ways developers may not be able to compete with. Because the cost of low-code platforms is much lower than financing an entire team of permanent, in-house software developers, or 3rd part software houses you will actually be able to save some significant cash while enjoying a more customized solution.


Low-code platforms allow business analysts, small business owners, and others who are not software developers to build out their own custom applications. These people can create unique applications with little or no knowledge of traditional programming languages, machine code, and the development work behind the platform's configurable components. They see a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) any time they build an application on the low code platform so it's easy for them to see what components will best serve their needs and effortlessly marry said components with 3rd party application program interfaces (APIs). Anyone interested in an automated process for fast and high-quality deployments can use a low-code platform to grow business. As your business gets bigger, it is important to have a diverse range of technologies to work together. Low-code is the answer to this problem.

With Kuika, we hope you can save time and money by replacing your tools stack with simplicity instead. You can contact us using the forms fields on to start today.

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