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Rethinking Customer Experience (CX) And Business Processes

Improve your customer experience with a self-service system. Kuika low-code platform helps you create an app without developers.
Rethinking Customer Experience (CX) And Business Processes

One of the most common pursuits of our customers is new ways to improve customer experience. We often partner with them to find innovative and proactive solutions to enhance their competitive capacities with a better brand experience. 

So, we find it helpful to share our experience to support your creative and strategic process of rethinking CX. 

But, before all else, it’s critical to understand the importance of customer experience. 

Why Improve Customer Experience ?

Experience is the key to creating a difference for companies regardless of the industry. As people have easy access to various products and services, companies focusing on the customer experience are winners of the competition.

The options for customers are infinite, and high-quality products and services are pretty accessible. Now, people choose brands if they offer a straightforward and unique experience. That’s the key to growing a business.

Once you achieve better CX, you can multiply your sales numbers and boost customer loyalty and retention. According to Gartner, “the goal of business growth is best achieved via positive CX outcomes, so self-service containment is most important, but if not contained, then the experience must feel synced across channels.” 

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Therefore, it’s time to rethink customer experience (CX), and the intervention of technology will be your ally to redesign your business processes to provide a heightened experience.

How To Master Customer Experience

Earlier, companies succeeded by mingling well-targeted products and services and good customer service. However, today, people are more impatient than ever and searching for excellence. Moreover, 74% of customers can switch brands if the purchasing process is too complicated.

As a result, you need to focus more on the experience by redesigning your business processes. Customer experience covers the whole aspect of your business, including your product or service, communication, purchasing process, and customer service. So, rethinking the CX requires an overall evaluation and analysis for a comprehensive improvement. 

Self-service systems for CX 

People want to complete the processes such as discovering products, purchasing them, and solving a problem after purchasing quickly. And they also expect the systems to function seamlessly. There is no space for long phone calls or complicated web pages if you want to loom large in the market.

The good news is that you can handle these demands with a system enabling self-service is a great way to improve your customer experience. 

The benefits of self-service are many, and here are some of them:

  • Customers can solve their problems without waiting.
  • You can offer customer service 24/7.
  • Your teams can focus on complicated issues.
  • It boosts productivity and agility.
  • You improve your brand image.
  • You enhance customer satisfaction and gain loyal customers.
  • You get more chances to increase sales.
  • You decrease customer service costs.

Nevertheless, you need to know about the challenge of self-service. 

The challenge of self-service 

The challenge is to create a seamless system that guides your customers throughout their journey with your brand. It requires a safe, simple, and vast infrastructure so that people can get what they need without the help of an agent. 

This system will store and transact the data belonging to your company and your customers. Also, it will be the ground where you will directly connect with your audience. 

Therefore, it has to be just ‘perfect.’ 

The opportunities that low-code brings

On the other hand, the solution to the challenge of self-service comes with the support of digital tools. Now, companies can build their own apps easily for any task their business process requires. With the help of low-code platforms, you can create a digital one-stop-shop or omnichannel communication system quickly. 

Self-service containment is a term you will hear when you go deeper into the subject. It basically means letting customers finish their processes without leaving the self-service system. With a well-functioning app, you can offer this seamless service and increase productivity across your company. 

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How can Kuika help you ?

As a low-code platform, Kuika and Kuika developers enable you to build self-service apps without a developer team. The user-friendly interface helps your teams use the platform with basic coding commands. 

You can modularly create apps for different customer journey steps and bring them together. For example, the modules of your system can include after-sales service, customer training, a digital sales portal, etc. In this way, your business will own an ecosystem that offers a seamless customer experience.

In traditional ways, building an app takes time and requires high budgets. However, Kuika supports your digital transformation by minimizing the time and money spent developing apps. You can contact us using the forms fields on to learn more about how to start creating your apps quickly to improve customer experience.

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